‘The house shook’: Storms hit during Riverfire

A Growler flyover above Brisbane’s CBD on Friday ahead of Riverfire. Picture: AAP/Darren England Posted On
Posted By Tyler Bergstrom

SEVERAL storms rolled across southeast Queensland this afternoon with thunder, lightning and heavy downpours hitting the region.

The storms started to roll in as the Riverfire 2018 flyovers were taking place.

The latest severe thunderstorm warning for large hailstones, which was issued about 8.55pm for parts of Moreton Island, was cancelled about 9.20pm.

It comes after storm cells hit Brisbane earlier in the afternoon, with loud thunder hear over a couple of hours from about 3.45pm. From then several storm warnings were issued throughout the evening as storm cells were detected and then either faded in strength or moved out to sea.

One Brisbane resident said his whole house in Mitchelton shook after “big thunder and lighting” in the area.

The southeast region has also been pummelled by heavy rain.

The heaviest downpours have been seen around Deception Bay and the Gold Coast. By 7.20pm the heavy rain remained around Deception Bay and Caboolture regions but had moved offshore further south.

An earlier severe thunderstorm warning, issued at 6.25pm for parts of Logan and Redland Bay, was cancelled at 7.02pm.

The Bureau of Meteorology had said severe thunderstorms were detected on the weather radar near Mount Cotton were moving towards the east but at 7.02pm the BoM said “severe thunderstorms are no longer affecting the Southeast Queensland area”.

The Bureau of Meteorology had earlier updated their severe thunderstorm warning at 3.43pm, saying damaging winds and large hailstones were likely over the next several hours. That warning was cancelled just before 5.30pm.

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